Next season rolled around, and the odd female was up to the challenge at a stout 1,700 grams. I had confidence that she was going to go finally. I picked out a nice proven super pastel male to breed her with to make sure the job got done. She had a small clutch that produced one female pastel version of her. I was pretty stoked to now have two odd looking snakes, proving that it was genetic, and can reproduce itself making it a new base morph.

The following year was the real excitement. The original static female was up to size again and I picked out a different male. This year she was getting a male super pastel yellow belly. She laid a nice clutch, 57 days rolled around and they started pipping. I walked into my incubator that morning, and couldn't believe what I saw, the colors were straight out of a cartoon and looked like it was glowing. Neon purple and yellow, with a crazy banded pattern, except the front third of its body had a dissolved pattern. Not a single snake, ball python or other, has ever had a pattern such as this one. I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to produce this one of a kind insanely vibrant gem.

At Kicks Balls ball pythons I was the first in the world to make orange ghost genetic stripes, hornets, pastel albino genetic stripes and over 50 other combos.

But statics are different, I made a new base morph.

The origin of my static line:

The original ball python breeding was male spider to a female pastel hoping to make some bumblebees, which were the hot morph at the time. Out of this clutch I made a few pastels, a spider and two bumblebees. I had great odds, not a normal in the clutch. At first glance I thought one snake was a very odd patterned pastel. She was more golden in color, had a very odd pattern and a really unique underside with a belly like one I had never seen before. I held her back, and waited the years for her to mature so that I could breed her and try to reproduce this uniqueness. As I was raising her up I bred the same male spider to many females including the female pastel that produced the odd baby to see if lightening could strike twice, but it didn't. To this day I have never produced another odd snake from either parent .​

After the long wait, I finally had put enough size on this odd female to breed her. First year breeding her, we took an ultrasound of her and she had 35mm follicles and I thought I was golden. I waited and waited and she ended up reabsorbing. Maybe next year, it happens to the best of us. The season went on and I produced a bunch of other combos and put this project on the back burner hoping that next year might be the year.​

Many new base morphs over the years have been proven to be very similar to morphs that exist already, or different bloodlines of the same morph. I got extremely lucky that these statics do not look like any other base morph on the market. Starting a new project with a lone baby female has been challenging, but playing the waiting game has been well worth it. This project is in its infancy, and I can't wait to see what else will be produced from this exciting new morph.

Stay tuned for new static combos.

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