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A run down on how we keep our animals. If you have questions on any particular snake, just ask and you'll get a reply shortly.


We feed both rats and mice. We recommend using frozen thawed when able.


We use aspen shavings, reptichip and newspaper. We keep most of our babies on aspen and most of our adults on reptichip. We use newspaper for gravid females. Based on an animals individual needs we will switch up the bedding to what they are most comfortable on.


We use both Freedom Breeder and ARS rack systems in a variety of sizes as well as a few custom rack systems built into our facility. We recommend racks as they are efficient to provide proper humidity and temperature. Terrariums can also be used when set up properly.


It is important that as an industry we follow rules and regulations when shipping reptiles. When shipping certain guidelines need to be followed and well as shipped through and approved FedEx shipper. I use and recommend ShipYourReptiles.com. They are always up to date on proper shipping guidelines, and have a great customer support team that can walk you through any shipping questions you may have.

I got a new snake. Now what do I do?

Once you have received your new snake the most important thing to do is to let him or her adjust. A new home can be stressful. We recommend keeping handling to a minimum until you snake has began to feed in your care. Wait 4-5 days to feed him after he has been set up into his new home.